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Introductory Camtasia Videos
Watch "Overview of Randomization Tests" (Kari - 20 minutes)
Watch "Overview of Bootstrap Confidence Intervals" (Patti - 20 minutes)
Watch "Introduction to StatKey" (Robin - 21 minutes)
AMATYC - November 2016
Watch Webinar "Bootstraps - An Intuitive Introduction to Confidence Intervals" (Robin - 55 minutes)
CAUSE - August 2013
Watch Webinar "StatKey - Online Tools for Teaching Bootstrap Intervals and Randomzation Tests" (Robin - 35 minutes)
eCOTS - May 2012
Watch Online breakout Session "Introducing Inference with Bootstrapping and Randomization" (Kari - 35 minutes)
CAUSE - December 2011
Watch Webinar "Using Simulation Methods to Introduce Inference" (Kari - 39 minutes)
Wiley Showcase
Watch Overview "Our Vision" (Dennis, Eric, Kari, Patti, Robin - 4.5 minutes)
Watch About the authors and project "Meet the Locks" (Dennis, Eric, Kari, Patti, Robin - 6.5 minutes)
Sample Student Support Videos (from the Wiley Showcase)
Watch Video solution "Example 4.6" (Eric - 2 minutes)
Watch Video solution "Example 4.7" (Dennis - 1 minute)
Watch Video tutorial "Learning Objective 4.1.2" (Patti - 3 minutes)
Sample Instructor Support Videos (from the Wiley Showcase)
Watch Instructor video "Unit A Overview" (Robin - 5 minutes)
Watch Instructor "Section 4.3" (Kari - 5 minutes)
Wiley Faculty Network (requires free login account)
Watch Webinar (March 2013) "Building Conceptual Understanding of Statistical Inference (High School/AP)" (Patti - 45 minutes)
Watch Webinar (March 2013) "StatKey: Online Tools for Teaching a Modern Introductory Statistics Course" (Robin - 45 minutes)
Watch Webinar (October 2012) "Understanding the P-value -- Really!" (Kari - 45 minutes)
StatKey Help Videos
Watch "Constructing a Bootstrap Distribution with StatKey" (Robin - 5 minutes)
Watch "Constructing a Randomization Distribution with StatKey" (Robin - 5 minutes)